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Reach Your Potential!


Personal Best Training helps runners with their personal goals. If you want a personalized training program to help reach your running potential, then this is the one for you.


Pick an option:

    1. Free:  Tuesday group interval workouts.  Be warmed up and ready by 5:30pm @ Ala Moana Park (Diamond Head/mountain side of Tennis Courts)  

    2. $40 monthly fee includes:

  • Written run schedule based on your own goals and abilities.  You will have an account where you will be able to access and see your schedule in a calendar format from your computer and mobile device.              
  • Tuesday group workouts. 

  • Access to Coach Jonathan via email or phone.

  • Discounts on various sports nutrition products.

     3. $60/hour:  One on one sessions with Coach Jonathan for your workouts.




Weekly group workouts are free to anyone. 
Come to a free workout to check us out! 

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"Running with Jon’s Personal Best Training group was a great inspiration and motivation.  The training program was very different to what I had been doing the past couple of years and challenged my running abilities as well as mental strength. I entered a new level of athletic competency.  Jon’s training helped me with running techniques and racing strategies.  What was more important to me was the knowledge that Jon knew what I could potentially do and also having the support from a great training group. Through Jon and PBT,  I was able to push physically the hardest I could, keep myself motivated to try the best I had in me, and aim for a goal that felt so far fetched and unbelievable to me."  Kristina Ingvarsson.

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